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DJ's passion for the arts and creative industry has led him to work on countless performances and productions in a variety of roles; namely as an actor, stunt coordinator, and intimacy coordinator.
Ranging from classical to contemporary and dramas to sketches (performing for companies such as BBC, Lime Pictures and Royal Armouries) - his acting page can be found here. 
Alongside performing, DJ works in the stunt coordination and fight choreography world, for both stage and screen - click here to find out more. 
He also works as an intimacy coordinator, having been trained by the renown 'EK Intimacy' - more can be found here.

"An outgoing and imaginative person, with a flair for thinking on the spot and committed to any and all challenges. Each job and differing field of work has aided Dan with furthering advanced problem solving skills, staying calm in a crisis and a great understanding and respect of deadlines and multiple professional etiquettes."

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